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SMALL RESULTS are still results!

If not seen properly, weeks like the one I just had can be thrown away and deemed a failure. But I am trying to abandon the mentality that discredits minor progression. Progress is progress and as long as I am moving towards my goal and not away from it, I should slow down long enough to celebrate the win.

Winning isn’t always about attaining the goal. Sometimes winning is simply about not giving up, giving life your best and being satisfied with what your best, ant any given moment, yields! Sounds good as I am writing this but it does not always feel good when I am living it. For example, my goal is to post my blog update every single Tuesday. However, it just struck midnight which means it is now Wednesday and I am still working on this post. I am fighting the feeling that I failed and yet I am embracing the beauty that I am so determined to get this done and out into the world that I am still here, right now, giving this moment all of me. THIS IS TRUE WINNING!

True winning is what you do when it doesn’t work out the way you expected it. True winning is the decision you make after you feel like you failed. True winning is resilience in the face of what feels like defeat. True winning is persistence.

Let us not grow weary in well-doing. For in due time we will reap a harvest, not giving up.

Galatians 6:9 (The Bible)

IT’S TOUGH! 1 week in and not quitting.

It won’t happen over night but it will happen!

There were moment this week when I found myself frustrated. I want the weight to fall off quickly as if one day’s or one week’s work should have drastic results. But that’s just not how weight loss OR LIFE works. It’s about commitment and consistency. Yea, the not so sexy side of life is the art of surrendering to the PROCESS. And as my friend Habit says, “Progress is a Process.”

I’ve lost 180 pounds and it took me almost four years. I lost one hundred pounds in the the first year. I had a year and a half of plateau + discouragement and then I finally lost the additional 80 pounds in a year and a half. All this to say, I am not going to lose 60 pounds overnight. I am learning to ease up on myself and simply take on the journey. Work the process and surely the process will work for me.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and my journey with you all. It keeps me going because I know there is someone on the other side of this keyboard who relates to what I am going through and so I do this for you, for us. Until next week…

Progress is a Process.

Habit (the homie)