easy was never the promise, victory, was!

Ya’ll check out today’s vlog and send ya girl some love. I need that extra motivation right through here. What a season we’ve ALL been in and boy oh boy, I can tell it’s not even CLOSE to being over. But in the midst of it ALL we MUST find a way to still prioritize our own well being.

My heart has been troubled, my anger provoked, my nerves on edge, my patience non-existent and I realized it’s because while my attention and focus has been pulled in so many directions and my emotions triggered by a number of matters, I have not slowed down to TAKE CARE OF ME! So I decided for 30 days I’m pulling back and intentionally tuning in to God and Liana. Intimacy with God and self are truly my lifeline and when that is off, everything else suffers. So here’s to the next 30 days. Stay tapped in!