Monday Never Comes by Liana S. Sims

Monday Never Comes is a story of triumph and victory in the face of what seemed impossible. Even if your battle isn't against obesity, we all face battles in life, and it's good to know that those battles don't have to stifle us. In this book, I share how I learned that my fight against obesity wouldn’t be won in the kitchen or in the gym. First, I had to conquer the fight that was in my mind! 

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"Don’t put off until tomorrow what desperately needs to be done today!"

Liana S. Sims

Liana Sims, a 29-year old native of Los Angeles, commonly known as Queen, has captivated the world with her journey of transformation and freedom through her inspiring fight against obesity.

The Testimonials

Many people have used the techniques used in this Book to improve their quality of life.

Shalom B.

Inspiring. Liana's journey of transformation, and the documented process she took, inspires anyone trying to accomplish any goal to take action now!