In the world of weight loss people often say, “I am going to start my diet and workout plan on Monday.” We all have those things in life that we put off. We know that we really need to do them now, but for some reason we put them off until another point in time. Maybe we are intimidated by the process, or we think that perhaps at a different point in time it will be easier to begin. However, the truth is, that future point in time rarely ever comes. We delay what’s truly urgent for our lives. This is the “Monday Mentality.” Stop waiting for “Monday.” Stop allowing fear to paralyze you. Choose to Do It Now and take the journey, one step at a time. Fight TODAY because MONDAY NEVER COMES!


It’s more than a weight loss journey. Monday Never Comes is a story of triumph and victory in the face of what seemed impossible. Even if your battle isn’t against obesity, we all face battles in life, and it’s good to know that those battles don’t have to stifle us. In this book, Liana shares that she learned that her fight against obesity wasn’t won in the kitchen nor in the gym. She conquered the fight that was in her mind. What are you seeking to conquer? Is it school, a career goal, an addiction, a toxic relationship? Regardless of what your thing is, we all have a thing; and like Liana’s obesity, those things may seem impossible, but they are not!  Liana shares her story and the principles learned along the journey to help you overcome the seemingly impossible. Be encouraged and decide to fight TODAY because MONDAY NEVER COMES!