A native of Los Angeles, Liana Sims, is a highly sought after motivational speaker, author, and pastor who has captivated the world with her journey of transformation and freedom through her inspiring fight against obesity. Though Pastor Liana has struggled with obesity since elementary school, in 2007 at the age of twenty, she committed to no longer exist, but to live. As a result, she has lost over 100 pounds—naturally.

In her book, Monday Never Comes, Pastor Liana shares her story of triumph in the face of what seemed impossible to show others that with commitment and determination, they too have the power to overcome the challenges of life. Pastor Liana doesn’t simply speak about perseverance and determination, she has the experience that validates every single word. She embodies resilience and is a voice of hope to those who have come to believe they are not strong enough to prevail in the face of the overwhelming odds. Through her candid honesty and inspiring outlook on living life to the fullest, Pastor Liana has become a sought-after speaker, preacher, writer, and coach. 

         Pastor Liana holds two degrees from Biola University in the area of Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies. She is a licensed and ordained pastor under the leadership of Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer and Faithful Central Bible Church, where she served as the pastor of middle school, high school and college aged young adults. She believes that ultimately ministry is a lifestyle and not simply a position or a title.  

         Pastor Liana is passionate about health and fitness, mental health, issues of justice, Black identity, youth development, and women’s empowerment. She’s a world traveler and international speaker and has spoken in several countries, including Ecuador, Israel, Bahamas, Nigeria, South Africa and around the United States.

Recently, she launched Sharpen Her Iron, a ministry and podcast for building and empowering women. Her goal is to bridge the generational gap and to create a space for women to strengthen each other.